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Razi Metallurgical Research Center (RMRC) is a private research and education organization specializing in engineering and materials science. The Center’s research activities as well as services are centered on metals, polymers, ceramics and development of engineering software.

In addition to its research and education activities, RMRC offers laboratory testing and consultancy services in the fields of physical, mechanical, extractive and industrial metallurgy.

In addition, the Center is active in carrying out failure analysis and life assessment of industrial parts as well as performance tests of industrial parts and components. The Centre also comprises computer, industrial parts design and engineering, library and information center departments.

RMRC is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI). The center is also accredited by Standardization and Industrial Research of Tehran and Standardization and Industrial Research of Hormozgan.

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