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Power generation

Metal Plumbing Rust


Energy resources in Iran consist of the fourth largest oil reserves and the second largest natural gas reserves in the world. Iran is an energy superpower and is in a constant battle to use its energy resources more effectively in the face of subsidization and the need for technological advances in energy exploration and production. Energy wastage in Iran amounts to six or seven billion dollars (2008). The energy consumption in the country is extraordinarily higher than international standards. Due to huge energy subsidies, Iran is one of the most energy inefficient countries of the world, with the energy intensity three times higher than global average and 2.5 times the Middle Eastern average.

RMRC provides important services in both validating new materials and in providing testing solutions when things go wrong

In addition to our routine tests such as Mechanical, Physical and Chemical analysis, high temperature tests such as creep, stress rupture and crack growth determinations are frequently performed in our accredited laboratories. Manufacturers of precision cast turbine parts are amongst those that make daily use of our destructive and non-destructive (radiographic) services.

Life assessment of turbine parts and Failure analysis of turbine blades, disks, rotors, shaft, boiler parts and boiler pipes is part of services that is also offered by RMRC.
For wind turbines we have extensive expertise in design and technical knowledge including:
composite polymer blades, main gears, hub and other high tech Parts.

RMRC has accreditation for some of these services. Casting, forging, fabrication and power generator companies are all important clients that we have built relationships with.

We offer our expertise to all your power generation testing needs to find the right solutions to meet your testing challenges. Our range of testing experience extends from power generation plants, utility pipelines and offshore structures to components. Our testing facilities are comprehensively equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficient and professional processing of any orders.

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