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Portable testing

Portable testing is used for examining large components that cannot be easily moved or when destructive sample preparation is difficult or not permissible. In-situ metallurgical testing allows for quick on-site evaluation of a component’s metallurgical properties and probable defects.

RMRC offers a variety of portable metallurgical tests for a wide range of materials including low alloy steels, stainless steels, super duplex stainless steels, cast iron family, nickel-base alloys, aluminum alloys, copper base alloys, zinc alloy, etc.

Typical applications of portable metallurgical testing could be defined as below. In situ testing of large and/or heavy components, items installed as parts of a machine during manufacturing especially of mass produced components, in-store testing for material identification and classification and in locations with difficult access, or in confined spaces

Our quality control in general is fast and very accurate. RMRC's portable testing is a further demonstration of enhancing its service offerings to its clients. RMRC has a highly qualified team of metallurgists, mechanical engineers and corrosion specialists with experience in the analysis of industrial component failures.

The metallurgical testing services we offer ensure that every material within a component or product meets its requirements in order to provide the required performance in the market place. The new on-site microscopy testing service allows us to detect and quantify component damage and predict their life at a much earlier stage than is currently possible. Determination of chemical analysis and material designation, hardness testing, microstructure evaluation, nondestructive testing for both metals and polymers are part of the available tests at RMRC.

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