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Polymer materials testing laboratory

Polymer materials testing laboratory can carry out extensive chemical, mechanical, thermal and physical analysis of polymers with a high degree of precision. Areas of expertise include:
Formulation, deformulation, research and development, routine and non-routine testing. We can also help our clients to identify, manipulate and advance their operations.

Infinitely versatile in their applications and diversity, polymers such as plastics, rubbers, elastomers, paints and coatings play critical roles in every industry including transportation, medical materials, consumer products, chemical processing and construction.

Testing polymers in all their configurations requires specialized training and cutting edge instrumentation.

RMRC operates several advanced polymer and plastic testing laboratories, staffed with scientific teams who have experience in polymer and elastomer characterization and processing, additives, impact modifiers, alloys and blends.

RMRC provides manufacturers with expert guidance through material testing and evaluation to help identify and select the most appropriate polymer materials for use in new product development. The Lab offers a wide range of testing capabilities for plastics, rubber, adhesives, and paints and coatings.

Some of RMRC's specific testing capabilities and methods testing are described below:
Tensile, compression, deflection, compression stability, hardness (shore A&D), impact test, abrasion, absorbtion, flammability, melt flow, density, resilience, ozone, FTIR, hydrostatic VICAT & HDT and polymer analysis.

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