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Mechanical laboratories

This section has modern and comprehensive mechanical testing tools and equipment with a dedicated machine shop for specimen preparation. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non metallic materials in the evaluation of tensile/ compression, impact, bend, fatigue, etc. More tests are conducted according to DIN, ASTM, BS, JIS, NACE or client specified standards. Routine testing of fasteners, weld coupons, wires, castings, plates, chain materials and other components are also done.

At RMRC, we use the tensile test as a method for assessing the ability of component to withstand applied loads. Material properties such as yield strength, elongation and toughness could be evaluated by tensile test. The compression test is used as a simple measure of workability of metal, particularly in forging and similar bulk deformation processes.
Engine mounts, bolster springs, cast products, and similar components are tested to determine load versus displacement.

Our compression test capabilities are conducted using state-of-the-art equipment for professional and reliable results.

Our Mechanical Testing Services includes:
tensile testing, impact test, weldability, bend test, compression, hardness testing, flattening, proof load, fasteners, component testing, fatigue testing, creep testing, nick break by drop weight and hydraulic/ pneumatic testing and more.

We also implement a comprehensive test for a wide range of automotive and transportation testing methods and services including but not limited to furniture testing, mechanical testing, railway technology services and impact test.

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