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Material Selection

The process of selection and characterization of materials involves identification, design and optimization of engineering materials. The proper material will be selected and designed according to the criteria set by the service conditions and the desired mechanical and physical properties. Then, the team makes an effort to optimize the production parameters by considering sensitivity of pieces, economic aspects and etc. The selection of materials is among the fundamental sciences and refusing to use it would be impossible in other sciences. It is highly regarded by the authorities and experts, because the proper selection of materials is important in the various components of the applications such as equipment and components used in the automotive, medical, aerospace, petrochemical, power, mining, cement industry, other industries and factories. Therefore, acquisition of such knowledge is needed to examine the metallurgical and mechanical views. The requirements are more experiences in this field and sufficient knowledge of the subject. Accordingly, the integration of knowledge, experience, and advanced research provides guidelines towards achieving industries and factories with minimum possible damage in the future that this matter will be achieved by referral to experts and counselors.
The subsets of selection and characterization of materials group at RMRC are as follows:

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Advanced Materials Material Selection
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