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Library and digital information center

The library of RMRC provides comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching and learning and industrial projects both for our customers and our staff. The digital library and information service offers exclusive information for individual research in the field of material science and engineering.

The library of RMRC with more than 30 000 hardcover books, 50 000 e-books and 100 000 papers offers the following services to customers:

- Providing books and scientific articles
- Providing international standards
- Updating standards' database
- Standard conversion and equalization
- Providing patents
- Web-based search for information requested by users

Our library has more than 100 000 hardcover/softcover and electronic books in Persian, English, German and Russian in the fields of metallurgy, mechanic, chemistry, management, general engineering and more than 50 000 scientific papers and articles and a large database of international standards and patents.

Moreover, the library has access to British Library (BL), American Foundry Society (AFS), and all Iranian universities and research centers through AMIN protocol which enables customers to access university theses and papers as well as patents.

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