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Iron & Steel Industry

Metal Plumbing Rust


It’s so important to ensure that products are right-first time, processes are optimised and failures and waste are kept to a minimum. The testing & analysis and consultancy services that we offer to the Iron & Steel industries is diverse, thanks to our materials expertise, analytical capabilities, testing facilities and industry experience.

Refractory Services
The iron and steel industry is the largest consumer of refractory materials worldwide, accounting for around two thirds of refractory usage. From primary to secondary steel making processes a diversity of vessels exists for the major units, such as the blast furnace and electric arc furnace and the more maintenance-intensive components, such as launders, tap holes and submerged entry nozzles. From assessment of proposed lining materials and designs to inspection of deteriorated linings, we offer a range of refractory services.

Materials Analysis & Characterisation
Analysis of both raw materials and finished products helps to inform new product development, pinpoint failures and optimise performance.

Testing Services
At RMRC we offer a wide range of testing services - from chemical and physical analysis to metallographic analysis and surface and coatings analysis.

Failure Analysis
When failures occur, we work quickly and effectively to analyse and diagnose problems in order to minimise downtime, improve product and material process efficiency and optimise quality.

Product & Process Optimisation
Manufacturers require more efficient, better quality and more cost-effective processes to meet ever-demanding markets and to compete on a global scale. At RMRC, we offer full support in scale-up and process optimisation for both new and existing products and systems.

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