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Introduction R_D

All eras in the history of mankind like the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the present Silicon Age have been known by the nature of predominant materials in use during that time because materials define the extent of sophistication and standard of living. The development is influenced by the challenges and opportunities created by the technological advances and researches in this field.

Research and innovation in the field of materials science and manufacturing by the RMRC, aim to improve industry competitiveness, cost reduction, material selection and development for specific industries, reverse engineering and production design technology and engineering for industries in Iran and all over the world.

RMRC is in a unique position to add value and impact to the materials and manufacturing industries in Iran. A major competitive advantage is the wide coverage of materials and manufacturing disciplines within one unit.

This enables RMRC Materials Science and Manufacturing to conduct true multi-disciplinary research and solution development within these fields.

RMRC Materials Science and Manufacturing's strategy is centered around 8 sectors, namely, automotive, oil and gas, power generation, Iron and steel production, mining and ore dressing, polymer and petrochemical industries, environmental and resources, and general engineering and part manufacturing.

RMRC's expertise in this domain has been consolidated in three competence areas, each consisting of a number of research groupings, as well as the accredited laboratory for Nano-structured materials.

The three main research fields are corrosion and prevention, metal casting, material selection and specification.

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