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Failure analysis life assesment

Structural integrity is the science and technology of the margin between safety and disaster. Proper evaluation of the structural integrity and fatigue life of any structure (ship, railways, bridges, gas and oil transmission pipelines, etc.) is important to ensure the public safety, environmental protection, and economical consideration. Catastrophic failure of any structure can be avoided if structural integrity is assessed and necessary precaution is taken appropriately.

RMRC has a team for materials and component failure analysis and their prevention. This provides rapid response and conclusions regarding failures such as industrial incidents, quality control issues, and major catastrophic events.
Our failure analysis instrumentation includes a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, housing a modern SEM, qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis instruments, metallurgical laboratories and complete mechanical testing facilities.

Couple these facilities with a multidisciplinary team of engineers highly trained and experienced personnel who can analyse the most complex materials failures. With more than thirty years of experience in the field of engineering failure analysis and more than 1000 completed investigations to our credit, RMRC’s failure analysis team is positioned to provide solutions to virtually any materials failure.

By combining traditional failure analysis techniques with quantitative methods such as fracture mechanics, fatigue analysis, and numerical modeling, RMRC’s technical solutions are unparalleled. This multidisciplinary approach to failure analysis allows us to provide our clients with the cause and timeline information that they need, in a manner that is easily understood.

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