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Metal Plumbing Rust


Environmental issues are a matter of concern in modern societies. The problem, however, is deeper in developing countries where foreign companies do not care about the local environment thus creating health issues and social and economic problems for the host territories.

Environmental pollution includes seven categories being atmospheric pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, ground subsidence, noxious odors, vibration, and noise.

At RMRC we care about the environment and provide unique solutions to tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

Access to information about environmental pollution and water quality is very limited. But it is our responsibility to help others know more about these issues and encourage them to protect the environment. Any work to preserve the environment is an important endeavor.

RMRC’s environmental lab supports industries (to comply with related standards) and nation through research, development, technology transfer and offers laboratory services.

We offer our expertise to monitor important parameters which affect environment and cover a full range of analyses.
Waste water from factories and also emissions to the atmosphere can be monitored and analyzed. RMRC offers industries potential pollution problems unique solutions to optimize their system in order to minimize such pollutions.

We offer these services:
Water conductivity measurement; paint; microbiological tests; alkalinity measurement; jar test; permanganate index; nitrogen; ; cations and anions in dilute systems hydrazine; TSS & TDS; BOD & COD; water hardness; pH measurement; soluble oxygen and ozone

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