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Engineering Design and Simulation

RMRC´s department of engineering design and computer simulation counts on a team of experts with more than a quarter century of experience in casting process design and software development.

Our casting simulation software, SUTCAST is a leader in the metal casting industry for mold filling and solidification simulation. We can simulate the casting processes and our applications have been applied to a wide range of casting parts – ranging from a few grams to over 360 tons successfully. Working with SUTCAST is simple and our casting simulation software is user-friendly, making you a professional in the shortest possible time.

Our casting simulation software and consultancy services will:
• Improve efficiency
• Increase accuracy
• Reduce the volume of scrap material
• Immediately reduce costs
• Solidification and Fluid Flow analysis (Casting Simulation)
• Casting design
• Design analysis
• Process design
• Process optimization

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