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Corrosion and Coatings Research Group

Corrosion and Coatings Research Group provides consultation on the design and protective systems such as coatings, cathodic protection, anodic and etc with possession experienced experts and consultants in order to retrofit structures and components in various industries and prevent the damage caused by service conditions. Coating is the supplementary method for surface of materials that not only is applied to maintain the appearance of parts, machines and equipment, but is used for protecting them against corrosion, ultraviolet rays, water penetration, heat, abrasion and chemical materials. Corrosion and coatings research group is able to solve problems of plating and coating. The advanced laboratory facilities provide the ability to perform a wide range of metal corrosion tests in various services for researchers and industrialists.

Corrosion Laboratory Services:
• Consultation on the protection against corrosion and destruction of engineering structures.
• Consultation on the installation, commissioning and optimization of coating lines.
• Study and analysis of corrosion on the industrial compounds and engineering structures.
• Simulating the actual conditions of service components on a laboratory scale and investigation of their corrosion behavior.

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