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Certified Standard Reference Material

The necessity of using Optical Emission Spectrometer in order to determine the chemical composition of different metallic materials is of prime importance. In most cases it is important to determine the exact amount of each element. Errors in measurement of the accurate amount of elements in a sample may cause a lot of problems. Considering the possibility of errors, spectrometers need constant calibration. We use Certified Referenced Materials (CRM) for calibration of Optical Emission Spectrometer and validation of results. It is worth mentioning that RMRC is the first and only producer of (CRM) in Iran. RMRC is able to produce different kinds of high quality Iron base (Steel and Cast iron), Aluminum base, Copper base (Brass and Bronze), Zink base (Zamak Alloys) and Nickel base (Super Alloys) RM and CRM samples.

The main characteristic of CRM samples is homogeneity and distribution of all elements in the entire sample. In RMRC, we investigate the homogeneity of CRM samples according to ASTM E826-1996. Each of the CRM samples has a certificate which contains the amount of existing elements in the sample along with their uncertainty.

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