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Automotive & Transportation

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Iran’s automotive industry is the second most active industry of the country, after its oil and gas industry, accounting for 10% of Iran's GDP. Automobile production in Iran grew exponentially. Iran's automobile production crossed the 1 million mark in 2007/2008. Today, Iran is the 13th largest automaker in the world and one of the largest in Asia, with annual production of more than 1.6 million (that is more than in such old and new auto makers as Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey. In 2009 Iran ranked fifth in car production growth standing next to China, Taiwan, Romania and India.

At RMRC we provide automotive design and production technology using SUTCAST solidification simulation software. Design of alloys for specific parts of engine, transmission, and break system is also included in our services.

Automotive industry is the industry which deals with design, fabrication, marketing, and vending of motor vehicles. This industry is considered as the most global of all industries and is critical to the economy of many countries. The product quality is a crucial factor in automotive industry and thus, complex testing procedures are required. Numerous standards related to this sector are available which cover different aspects of the industry such as design, manufacturing, emission control, etc. With more than 30 years of experience, we at RMRC count on several laboratories for metals, ceramics and polymers which cover automotive industry (design, mechanical testing, emissions, cyclic behavior, life assessment, paint and coating, etc.).

RMRC has also, a long history in part design and technology using SUTCAST casting simulation software offering cutting edge technology to part manufacturers.

What we offer:
A comprehensive range of mechanical tests, materials research, microstructural analysis, coating and paints analysis, part design and process simulation using SUTCAST software, research projects on automotive industry, automobile standards and standardization, corrosion testing and failure analysis.

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