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Advanced and Nano Material

Constituent materials of a system are the most basic factor determining the properties and ultimate abilities of the system. So the development of matter is along with developing of the efficiency of the system. This kind of materials that enhance the capabilities and applications of collections called advanced materials. These materials obtained by using innovative engineering operations incorporate superior properties such as density, strength, ductility (ability to deform), elastic modulus etc., Advanced materials include metallic alloys, ceramics, gels, polymers, biomaterials and composites (the combination of listed materials). Researchers and artisans attention to producing advanced materials is in order that after many years of research on general materials and optimizing their properties, due to the restrictions, it was not possible to achieve better properties and characteristics, so researchers adopted a new approach to achieving materials with higher functionality and capability. Currently, improving the efficiency of many systems, is possible by changing the constituent materials. These materials give the industry and science the ability to cross the current border and this is a major step in the further growth and development of human knowledge.

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