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About RMRC

RMRC was established in 1983 as a research center and an independent testing laboratory. It is a private R&D center in the field of materials engineering located in Tehran.

RMRC laboratories offer a wide variety of physical, mechanical and chemical analysis as well as product failure analysis of metals, polymers and ceramic materials.

The organization currently employs a total of 250 staff in addition to several visiting scientists and industrial advisors.

The center undertakes tasks in three main areas:

1 Technical and consultancy services for materials engineering industries.

The work ranges from routine metallurgical, physical, chemical and mechanical testing to guidance on the best means of manufacturing specific components. The customers include both small and large industries.

2 Short–term research or projects involving failure analysis on components such as gas pipeline, machinery and turbine blades.

3 Long–term research which may be performed in one of two ways:
Projects financially supported by private or government bodies and research initiated by the center on its own.

RMRC is an ISO 9001 certified laboratory and is accredited by Iranian Standard Organization (ISIRI) and Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO).

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