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Reception and Coordination

Reception department
Understanding customers' requests and correct diagnosis of tests that should be performed on samples are the first and the most important step in providing optimal services to customers. The RMRC’s reception department, as a key element of communication with customers, has the responsibility of receiving samples and determining the required tests using the knowledge of experts and is based on customers' requests and according to the latest edition of national and international standards. In this department, the RMRC’s experts are ready to consult customers in terms of required tests, for different types of samples. This department provides the following services to customers:
   • Appointment and serving customers.
   • Receiving both samples and customers' requests.
   • Checking out customer’s description and providing advice.
   • Assessing the feasibility of tests depending on the type of sample.
   • Determining the required tests according to customers' demands and requirements of related standards.
   • Determining the amount of sample needed for testing.
   • Registration request and Tracking Number.
Coordination department
RMRC’s coordination department as a communication bridge between the RMRC and customers, after the reception, has the responsibility to inform and tracking the customer’s requests. Also, payroll department performs financial duties. The most important services that are provided in this unit are:
   • Invoice issuance for customers and delivering in person.
   • Payment follows up and financial approval.
   • Coordination with customers in case of changing the tests, costs and sample shortages etc.
   • Follow up customers’ requests after the reception or during the tests.
   • Printing reports.
   • Reporting duplicate description or certified copy according to the rules and regulations.
   • Renaming the samples.
   • Delivering reports to customers in person or sending by courier or mail.
   • Sending reports by fax or email.
   • Samples storage and maintenance before and after the tests and delivering to customers.
   • Coordination with agencies sending reports and samples for them.

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