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RMRC R&D casting group:

RMRC R&D casting group, with over 30 years of experience on research and industry, has key capabilities for the execution of various industrial projects. Most of these projects aim at optimizing manufacturing processes -in order to increase efficiency and reduce waste-, increasing lifespan of parts, design and selection of alloys for special applications, replacing imported raw materials with domestic ones, reverse engineering, and introducing the science and technology of manufacturing prototypes and industrial parts. In this regard, the group is in close cooperation with a number of industries including petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries, cement industry, power stations, automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, railway, polymer, biomedical engineering, and a number of others.

- Research and Development (R&D)
- Engineering and design of casting technologies
- Consultation and inspection
- Implementation of technology
- Waste reduction
- Increasing efficiency
- Inspection of industrial parts
- Simulation and optimization
- Design of production processes
- Sample preparation
- Production of Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) Reference Materials (RMs)
- Alloy-making
- Heat treating

Sub-groups of RMRC R&D casting group are:

Engineering & Design Engineering & Design
Prototype Engineering & Design
RM Samples Engineering & Design
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