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Bandar Abbas Laboratory

Razi Metallurgical Research Center (RMRC), according to the needs of its clients ranging from inspection companies, businessmen, companies importing stuff and local industrial companies in Bandar Abbas in order to product certification testing in terms of high precision and in the shortest time possible, since 1380 established a branch laboratory of materials engineering in Shahid Rajai laboratory complex of the bureau of standards of Hormozgan province located in Bandar Abbas.
This laboratory with the equipment and test devices in various fields is ready to offer services to its customers in Bandar Abbas:
• Chemical composition analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by emission spectrophotometric methods, chemical and atomic absorption.
• Portable XRF analysis on steel products, minerals, metal powders and ores.
• Mechanical testing, including tensile, impact and bending on steel products such as sheet, tube, sections and bars.
• Mechanical testing such as proof load and tensile by fixture on screws, bolts and industrial fasteners.
• Performance tests on all industrial tools such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches.
• Macro-hardness and micro-hardness (HV, HRC, HRB, HB) test on metal parts.
• Metallographic test and microstructure on ferrous and nonferrous metals.
• Thickness determination test and determining the quality of coatings.
• Macrograph test and determination of seamless or welded tube test.
• Determination the material of coating test and surface finish tests on products and industrial parts.
• Non-destructive testing and quality tests of welded parts Including MT, VT, and UT.
Moreover, the laboratory is able to do some of our customer’s portable tests and at the desired place such as chemical analysis (PORTABLE QUANTOMETER SPECTROPORT), portable hardness testing, surface finish and handheld thickness gages for measuring the thickness of coating.

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